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Activism and Social Reform Special Collections

Activism and Social Reform Special Collections

Examples of Library Special Collections that Support Social Action and its History.

City University of New York
The Activist Women's Voices Oral History Project and Archive was a project committed to documenting the voices of unheralded activist women in community-based organizations in New York City.

Activist Women’s Voices Oral History Project

Georgia State University Library
Various collections of materials documenting the history of activism at Georgia State University.

AJCP179-13a Atlanta Journal-Constitution Photographic Archives.
Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library.

Los Angeles History and Culture in Library Special Collections
UCLA Library
UCLA Library Special Collections’ holdings include the papers of many organizations involved in social change, as well as the papers of a number of individual activists.

M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives
University at Albany – State University of New York
Numerous collections related to New York activists and activist organizations. Records include materials from NAACP, New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), and Citizens’ Environmental Coalition.

Michigan State University (radicalism and student activism)

The Radicalism Collection includes books, pamphlets, periodicals, posters, and ephemera covering a wide range of viewpoints on political, social, economic, and cultural issues and movements in the United States and throughout the world.

Bread and Roses:
The Story of the Rise of the Shirtworkers,
Two Eventful Years, 1933-1934
Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (New York, 1935?)

UMass Amherst Libraries
Emphasizing the cross-fertilization between social movements and centers of activist energy, SCUA collects materials from individuals and organizations involved in the struggles for peace and non-violence, social and racial justice, economic justice, agricultural reform, environmentalism, sustainability, alternative energy, organized labor, gay rights, disability rights, spiritual activism, antinuclear activism, and intentional communities.

University at Buffalo – State University of New York (social activism, environmental issues, racial issues, women’s history)
The State University of New York at Buffalo special collections include collections related to campus unrest and social activism, environmental issues in New York, racial issues in New York, and women’s history.

University of Illinois at Chicago University Library
The Midwest Women's Historical Collection (MWHC) documents the history of women and women's issues throughout the Midwest in the 19th and 20th centuries. The MWHC consists of over 100 distinct manuscript collections. It contains the personal papers of individual women and organizational records of women's groups. The collection is particularly strong in the area of social reform, women's political activism, women's professional organizations, education and politics.

University of Minnesota Libraries         
The Social Welfare History Archives collects the records of private-sector social service and social reform organizations and the personal papers of individual leaders in the field.

University of Washington Libraries
Highlights of the GLBTQ archival collections at University of Washington Libraries include Northwest Lesbian and Gay History Museum Project oral histories, the LGBT Northwest serials and related ephemera collection, and the Pride Foundation Ephemera Collection.

Women and Social Movements, Intl.
Wide variety of collections concerning women’s rights, women’s history, and social issues.

York University Libraries (Canada)
Materials relating to women’s involvement as activists in social reform and its history, at various local, national and international levels.

--complied by Shawn Ohtani
Research Associate
University of South Florida

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