Monday, June 27, 2016

OLOS History A Bibliographic Timeline of the American Library Association, Office for Literacy and Outreach Services.

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This document presents a "bibliographic timeline" spanning 25 years of the American Library Association (ALA), Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS). For each year (1968-1996), one or more major activities, resolutions/ALA proceedings, and/or publications involving library r,ervice to the disadvantaged are identified. Highlights include historic developments in literacy programs; funding; policy; training; collections; information dissemination; publications; and personnel. A list of the OLOS Committee Chairs (1970-1996) and OLOS Committee and Subcommittee members (1970-1996) are provided.

Lippincott, K. & Taffae, S.M. (1996) 25 Years of Outreach: A Bibliographic Timeline of theAmerican Library Association, Office for Literacy andOutreach Services. ED 396 755 IR 055 926.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Human rights in culturally diverse societies

Human rights in culturally diverse societies
Book: Human rights in culturally diverse settings

This updated publication contains the Committee of Ministers’ guidelines to member States on the protection and promotion of human rights in culturally diverse societies as well as the Compilation of Council of Europe standards relating to the principles of freedom of thought, conscience and religion and links to other human rights upon which the Guidelines are inspired. These standards are based mainly on the European Convention on Human Rights and the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, but also on conclusions and recommendations of other monitoring mechanisms and other Council of Europe bodies.
The Guidelines are innovative as they do not consider these standards in isolation, rather they rethink and recast them through their interaction with other human rights: freedom of expression, freedom of association and assembly, the right to private life. They are intended as a realistic and usable tool which reflects the often complex interplay of different rights within diverse societies.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Elizabeth Martinez Lifetime Achievement Award-2016

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Elizabeth  Martinez

The REFORMA  Elizabeth Martinez Lifetime Achievement (LAA) Award Committee recognizes those who have achieved excellence in librarianship over an extended (over 20 years) period of service and who have made significant and lasting contributions to REFORMA, as well as to the Latino and the Spanish-speaking communities.

On receiving the 2016 Elizabeth Martinez Lifetime Achievement (LAA) Award.

Elizabeth Martínez influenced librarianship in so many ways. She was a cofounder of REFORMA; she established the Mexican American Library Training Institute at California State University, Fullerton. She was City Librarian in Los Angeles; county librarian of Orange County, Executive Director of the American Library Association, and director of the Salinas Public Library where she revitalized the Cesar Chavez Library. She created the SPECTRUM Scholarship Program, a national program administered by ALA to recruit American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander students to librarianship.
On her retirement from the Salinas Public Library Stanford University collected her papers for its archives. Roberto Trujillo, curator and head of Stanford's Special Collection, stated that Elizabeth Martínez’ role in the Chicano movement, its history as it relates to schools, libraries and other cultural centers is worthy of documentation. Her professional activity is a record of involvement and engagement that was strong, focused, and very much a part of a communal sense of responsibility for a greater public good for the Mexican communities in Los Angeles.
Elizabeth Martínez changed librarianship in the United States forever. REFORMA honors her remarkable achievements with this award which inspires us to follow her good work. I am grateful to have been nominated for this honor and dedicate the honorarium to the REFORMA scholarship fund.

With gratitude, Kathleen

Kathleen de la Peña McCook
Distinguished University Professor of Librarianship

School of Information, University of South Florida

Thursday, June 23, 2016


This is a syllabus compiled by teachers and librarians for the recent tragic mass shooting in Orlando. This is a document where resources can be added as well!

  • Compiled by librarians and teachers.
  • A short URL you can use to share it is:
  • Please remember as you add resources: It was Latinx night at the bar, so let’s compile as many representative resources as we can. Please bold Latinx authors and resources.
  • Please retain accent marks, tildes, etc., with the appropriate authors’ names and titles.
  • If you add a new section, please format it as “Heading 2.” To add it to the TOC, click inside the table of contents, then click the “refresh” button that appears in the top right.

Statement of Intention (June 16, 2016):

This living document exists as a resource to understand our pain and grief, sadness and healing in the wake of the shooting at Pulse Night Club on June 12, 2016. We are living through each other and within our collective knowledge of LGBTQ2S and QTPOC spaces. We make visible the deep cultural heritages of Latinx communities among queer subcultures.

We reject the erasure of queer Muslims and the targeting of the Muslim community in general, and the erasure of the reality that the stark majority of lives lost at Pulse were people of color. We ask contributors to resist racist, homophobic, classist, misogynistic citing practices, and to amplify the voices of Pulse. The intention is not to create another syllabus of gay whiteness.

We want to acknowledge the countless and anonymous librarians, educators, and others who have contributed to this document; it is richer from all who have contributed to the collective knowledge here. The intersections and contexts made visible through its categories are powerful and necessary.

Soon, this document will be closed for further editing, and we will be calling for volunteers at that time to help us prepare the resource for publication in some form, by ensuring that representation of those communities most affected (TQPOC) by the Pulse Night Club shooting are prioritized and centered, as well as consistent formatting and linking throughout.

-- Contacts: Jamie Berrout @jamieberrout, Venus Selenite @venusselenite, Oliver Bendorf @ohbendorf, and Lydia Willoughby @willoughbrarian

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Declaración de REFORMA sobre el tiroteo masivo en Orlando, Florida

REFORMA Statement about the Orlando, Florida mass shooting

REFORMA, The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking would like to express its solidarity with the family and friends of the fallen and injured during the mass shooting that occurred on June 12 at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. This senseless act has taken the lives of 49 individuals, of which over 90% were Latinx.

Scheduled to attend and host programs at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in less than two weeks, REFORMA will join the effort to help those affected through a blood drive. REFORMA leaders will be Presente at a Read Out event on Saturday, 6/25 and Sunday, 6/26. In addition, REFORMA will join ALA, the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Round Table, and the Office of Intellectual Freedom in a memorial gathering on Saturday, June 25 8-8:30 a.m. in the OCCC Auditorium to pay tribute to the victims, family, friends, and Orlando GLBT community. REFORMA programs will include an introduction remembering and supporting our Latinx brothers and sisters.

If you would like to donate and support our GLBT hermanos/as in Orlando, please visit the following page: Equality Florida’s Pulse Victims Fund:

For more information about the ALA’s Support efforts in Orlando, we invite you to visit the following page:

REFORMA is the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking. Established in 1971 as an affiliate of the American Library Association (ALA), REFORMA has actively sought to promote the development of library collections to include Spanish-language and Latino oriented materials; the recruitment of more bilingual and bicultural library professionals and support staff; the development of library services and programs that meet the needs of the Latino community; the establishment of a national information and support network among individuals who share our goals; the education of the U.S. Latino population with regard to the availability and types of library services; and lobbying efforts to preserve existing library resource centers serving the interests of Latinos. For more information, please visit

Special thanks to Loida Garcia Febo and Mario Ascencio for their assistance in representing REFORMA. 


Declaración de REFORMA sobre el tiroteo masivo en Orlando, Florida

REFORMA, la Asociación Nacional para Promover Servicios de Biblioteca e Información a Latinos e Hispanohablantes, desea expresar su solidaridad con familiares y amigos de los caídos y heridos durante el tiroteo que se produjo el 12 de junio en el club nocturno Pulse en Orlando, Florida. Este acto sin sentido ha cobrado la vida de 49 personas, de las cuales más del 90% eran Latinx.

REFORMA está programado para asistir y presentar programas durante la Conferencia Annual de la Asociación Americana de Bibliotecas (ALA) en menos de dos semanas. REFORMA se unirá al esfuerzo para ayudar a los afectados por medio de donaciones de sangre. Los líderes de REFORMA estarán Presente en el evento Read Out el sábado 6/25 y el domingo, 6/26. Además, REFORMA se unirá a la ALA, a la mesa redonda GLBTRT, y a la Oficina de Libertad Intelectual en una reunión conmemorativa el sábado 25 de junio de 8-8: 30 am en el auditorio de la OCCC para rendir homenaje a la víctimas, familiares, amigos y a la comunidad GLBT en Orlando. Los programas de REFORMA incluirán una introducción para recordar y apoyar a nuestros hermanos y hermanas Latinx.

Si usted desea donar y apoyar a nuestros hermanos / as GLBT en Orlando, visite la siguiente página: Equality Florida’s Pulse Victims Fund:

Para obtener más información acerca de los esfuerzos de apoyo de la ALA en Orlando, le invitamos a visitar la siguiente página:

REFORMA es la Asociación Nacional para Promover Servicios de Biblioteca e Información a Latinos e Hispanohablantes. Desde que fue establecida en 1971 como una organización afiliada a la Asociación Americana de Bibliotecarios/American Library Association (ALA), REFORMA ha buscado activamente promover el desarrollo de las colecciones de bibliotecas para incluir materiales en español y temas latinos; reclutar más empleados y profesionales de biblioteca bilingües y biculturales; desarrollar servicios y programas bibliotecarios que satisfagan las necesidades de la comunidad latina; establecer una red de información nacional y de apoyo entre personas que compartan nuestros objetivos; educar a latinos en los Estados Unidos para que conozcan la disponibilidad de servicios bibliotecarios y apoyar la conservación de los centros de investigación de bibliotecas existentes que trabajan en favor de los intereses de los latinos. Para más información, visite 

Un agradecimiento especial a Loida García Febo y a Mario Ascencio por su ayuda en la representación de REFORMA.

Beatriz Guevara
REFORMA President 2015-2016

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Serving the Demands of Democracy The critical role of libraries in ensuring the full civic participation of a diverse population

Highlights the role of Dr. Carla D. Hayden in standing for Equity of Access.

As librarians strive to ensure “equity of access,” the key initiative of the 2003-2004 ALA president, Dr. Carla D. Hayden, director of the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Md., underscores this goal: At a time when our public is challenged on multiple fronts, we need to recommit ourselves to the ideal of providing equal access to everyone, anywhere, anytime, and in any format. We need to pay particular attention to those groups who are already underserved, such as residents of rural and urban America, senior citizens and the disabled. By finally embracing equity of access we will be affirming our core valves, recognizing realities, and assuring our future.--Dr. Carla D. Hayden, ALA President 2003-2004.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Orange County Library System and Orlando Shootings

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Follow City of Orlando social media accounts for quick updates on Twitter /citybeautiful and Facebook /cityoforlando . #orlandounited  #orlandostrong
If you are seeking a location to leave memorial items, please use the green space in front of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Downtown Orlando.
The Heart of Florida United Way is offering emotional support counseling to anyone who needs it.  Call 211 or text zip code to 898-211. To chat with counselors online, log on
Family members who are concerned about loved ones who may be among the injured or deceased may call 407.246.4357.  The Family Assistance Center has been established at the Hampton Inn at 43 Columbia Street.
The names of the victims are being posted on the City of Orlando website.
OneBlood will need donations over the coming days, and are asking donors to schedule appointments over the next few days. Call 1.888.9Donate to schedule an appointment.
For more information about grief counseling and how to help, visit THE CENTER at