Thursday, June 23, 2016


This is a syllabus compiled by teachers and librarians for the recent tragic mass shooting in Orlando. This is a document where resources can be added as well!

  • Compiled by librarians and teachers.
  • A short URL you can use to share it is:
  • Please remember as you add resources: It was Latinx night at the bar, so let’s compile as many representative resources as we can. Please bold Latinx authors and resources.
  • Please retain accent marks, tildes, etc., with the appropriate authors’ names and titles.
  • If you add a new section, please format it as “Heading 2.” To add it to the TOC, click inside the table of contents, then click the “refresh” button that appears in the top right.

Statement of Intention (June 16, 2016):

This living document exists as a resource to understand our pain and grief, sadness and healing in the wake of the shooting at Pulse Night Club on June 12, 2016. We are living through each other and within our collective knowledge of LGBTQ2S and QTPOC spaces. We make visible the deep cultural heritages of Latinx communities among queer subcultures.

We reject the erasure of queer Muslims and the targeting of the Muslim community in general, and the erasure of the reality that the stark majority of lives lost at Pulse were people of color. We ask contributors to resist racist, homophobic, classist, misogynistic citing practices, and to amplify the voices of Pulse. The intention is not to create another syllabus of gay whiteness.

We want to acknowledge the countless and anonymous librarians, educators, and others who have contributed to this document; it is richer from all who have contributed to the collective knowledge here. The intersections and contexts made visible through its categories are powerful and necessary.

Soon, this document will be closed for further editing, and we will be calling for volunteers at that time to help us prepare the resource for publication in some form, by ensuring that representation of those communities most affected (TQPOC) by the Pulse Night Club shooting are prioritized and centered, as well as consistent formatting and linking throughout.

-- Contacts: Jamie Berrout @jamieberrout, Venus Selenite @venusselenite, Oliver Bendorf @ohbendorf, and Lydia Willoughby @willoughbrarian

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