Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Rights Group Condemns Military 'Crackdown' on Bandung Community Library

Jakarta. Military action against a street library in Bandung, West Java, last week has drawn the ire of a human rights watchdog, which lashed out against the action by calling it an abuse of power.
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Members of the military district command in the province reportedly shut down a display of free books near a public park on Saturday night (20/08) while conducting an operation against motorcycle gangs they deemed to be violent.
Three members of the community reportedly sustained injuries during the altercation and they have since sought assistance from the Bandung Legal Aid Institute.
The Indonesian Military (TNI) meanwhile said Saturday's library event could have had "negative" consequences, without providing any explanation about the legality of its actions.
Citing the 2004 Law on the Indonesian Military, Al Araf of the Jakarta-based Indonesian Human Rights Monitor (Imparsial) said on Wednesday that "there has clearly been a separation of tasks between different players in the security establishment."

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