Friday, July 8, 2016

Human Rights Education -New UN Resolution.

A new UN resolution on Human Rights Education emphasizes the strategic role of National Human Rights Institutions concerning the promotion of human rights education.

The United Nations Human Rights Council agreed on a new resolution on Human Rights Education and Training at the Human Rights Council’s Thirty-first session this spring. The resolution reconfirms and supplements state parties' commitment to national implementation of international standards for human rights education five years after the UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training from 2011.....
The new resolution text  states "Recognizes the important role of national human rights institutions in promoting effective policies on human rights education and training, and calls upon them to contribute further to the implementation of human rights education programmes".
"This is the first time we see a resolution on education which stresses the strategic role of NHRIs on promoting effective policies for human rights education and training. Focus has shifted from NHRI assisting in conducting education programmes on human rights, to assisting in the development of effective policies at the structural level. In other words, this reflects the shift in focus amongst NHRIs to work across their NHRI mandates such as coordination, giving advice and monitoring on human rights education


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