Sunday, February 21, 2016

Loss of a Library-Venice, Florida

The Venice, FL branch of the Sarasota Public Library has been closed. It was deemed a public health concern.   The next closest library is just over five miles away--a huge hindrance to people who rely on public transportation. The community is much poorer for the lack of this library and the fact that it has been weeks and probably will be months before a temporary location is found and years before a permanent location is established just hurts my heart.  The Sarasota County Government  (Links to an external site.)
 website has a lot of information.
 This video is a little long, and there are a lot of emotions running high, but I advise anyone who thinks that libraries will be obsolete or have little importance for the future at least skip around in this video a little.  There are lots of people who are very passionate about their library. (Links to an external site.)
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