Saturday, October 25, 2014

Genocide-"Watchers of the Sky” -

Raphael Lemkin, who lost much of his family in the Holocaust, decided to create a name that would match the crime and spent the rest of his life crusading for its acknowledgment.
Watchers of the Sky (2014) Poster
y animating pages of his notebooks. The film’s director, Edet Belzberg, told me that when she found the original notebooks in a collection at the New York Public Library, she knew she wanted to let Lemkin’s own scribbled writing show how the word “genocide” came to be. On one page, he drew a circle around “THE WORD,” connecting it with a line to another circled phrase, “MORAL JUDGMENT.”
“He really believed that this word could unite people to keep it from happening again,” Ms. Belzberg said. A student of linguistics before embarking on his legal career, he recognized the power of words to shape opinions. 

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