Saturday, September 27, 2014

"The Heritage of WikiLeaks: A History of Information Ethics" by Jared Bielby

"The Heritage of WikiLeaks: A History of Information Ethics" 

by Jared Bielby

From an already established praxis for the field of Information Ethics, the following thesis will outline an ethics and a historical foundation for WikiLeaks through the exposition of a four-part history of Information Ethics. It will first trace the historical development of the field of Information Ethics and secondly sketch the development of a theoretical foundation for collaborative information and knowledge studies as exemplified by the wiki phenomenon, a model, as will be argued, that arises from library ethics. Situating the foundation of WikiLeaks within the framework of the wiki model, it will address issues of privacy, intellectual freedom and social responsibility, access to information, information literacy, anonymity, transparency and intellectual property as being similarly foundational to wiki studies, library ethics, and WikiLeaks, and will conceive WikiLeaks as inevitably arising from the same historical dialectics as Library Ethics. The wiki  collaborative knowledge model will then be addressed from a platform of information theory and philosophical ontology, ultimately looking at the wider philosophical consequences of the saturation of information, information control and flow, message and messenger and information as moral entity, surveying the ontology debates  between Rafael Capurro and Luciano Floridi, and exploring the implications of information accountability as commentated on by Slavojek and others.

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