Sunday, December 29, 2013

Days of Action -Toni Samek

Samek, T. (2013). Days of Action. Progressive Librarian, (41), 52-62.

" now your moment, to put the MLIS piece of paper to the test. It is time to see what you can do with it. I hope for each of you that it helps you achieve meaningful paid work. The nature of meaningful work is for you each to determine individually. The significance of our profession, meanwhile, is determined by a myriad of players; indeed it is being defined, 
redefined and even confined in some parts – including where I live and labour 
stateside. With that said, permit me to give you some modest advice if I may. 
Take it or leave it of course

KEYWORDS: Association of Research Libraries; Canadian Association of 
Research Libraries; Canadian Association of University Teachers; Canadian Library  Association; Freedom of speech; Human rights; IFLA Code of Ethics for Librarians  and other Information Workers; Librarians’ unions; Libraries and society; University of Wisconsin – Madison. School of Library and Information Studies.

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