Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Free Library Earth: Memory is Fight!

The Free Library Earth in their search activities provide lectures, conferences, study groups, clubs, mini-courses, conferences and fairs with the objective of increasing the spread Anarchist Ideal. ---- Another goal of the library is also even preserve memory anarchist movement and support research that has as its object of study the Anarchism. That's why this site and provide updated continually session newspapers laborers and anarchists. ---- Our last update was to include 4 numbers of the newspaper "The Rebellion." in this weekly newspaper collaborated Adelino de Pinho, João Hairstyle, Florentino de Carvalho, John Crispin and many others. This paper aimed to propagandize the idea Socialist-Anarchist among workers, since it was written by workers for workers.

The newspapers provided herein is intended to collaborate, even if
humbly, with searches that are underway and those to come.

Memory is Fight!

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