Friday, November 18, 2011

Follow the Dots: Virtual school companies are using philanthropy as a Trojan horse.

“Why are our legislators rushing to jump off the cliff of cyber charter schools when the best available evidence produced by independent analysts show that such schools will be unsuccessful?” asked Ed Fuller, an education researcher at Pennsylvania State University, on his blog.
Under the banner of high-tech progress, corporate lobbyists have rammed through legislation privatizing K-12 education across the country.
Connect These Dots:

AdvancePath Academics 
Alliance for School Choice,
American Crossroads
American Crossroads (K.Rove)
American Federation for Children
American Legislative Exchange Council
Americans for Prosperity (Koch brothers)
Apex Learning (a for-profit online education company launched by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen)
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Richard Berman
Buckeye Institute
Jeb Bush
David Byer
Cambium Learning
Jaime Casap (Google, K-12)
Karen Cator, director of technology for the Education Department
Center for Education Reform
Shafeen Charania (Microsoft)
Charter Schools USA (J.Hage, chair) (Bill Oberndorf)
Connections Learning
Democrats for Education Reform (Tom Vander Ark)
Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow
Education Elements.
Education Reform Now
 Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow
Adrian Fenty
Florida Virtual School 
Foundation for Excellence in Education (Jeb Bush, chair; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
Foundation for Florida’s Future (Jeb Bush, chair)
Freedom Foundation
Jonathan Hage
IQ-ity Innovation
Anthony Kim
Joel Klein
Kleiner Perkins
Koch Brothers
William Lager
Learn Capital (Tom Vander Ark)
Patricia Levesque
MacIver Institute
McGraw-Hill Education
Meridian Strategies LLC
Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
Michael Moe
Bob Moore (Dell)
National Summit on Education Reform, sponsored by the Foundation for Excellence in  Education.
Bill Oberndorf
Kyle Olson
Susan Patrick
Mickey Revenaugh ( American Legislative Exchange Council)
Michelle Rhee
School Choice Week
David Stevenson
Stanford Swim
Michael Stanton
State Policy Network.
Tom Vander Ark (formerly of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
Voyager Learning (Bill Oberndorf)
Carlos Watson (Goldman Sachs)
Wireless Generation
Bob Wise

How Online Learning Companies Bought America's Schools

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