Monday, October 31, 2011

50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders

This year  is the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders—that line in the sand that was the beginning of the end of Jim Crow segregation. More than 400 Black and White Americans risked their lives riding buses throughout the South to challenge segregation in interstate transport in the summer of 1961. (Arsenault, Martinez)

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Freedom Riders. Traveling Exhibit. The American experience. 2010-2011

·       Arizona State University Libraries.
·       Cameron Village Library, Raleigh, North Carolina
·       Denver Public Library, Blair Caldwell African American Research Library
·       Detroit Public Library
·       Kansas City Public Library
·       Lehman College, Leonard Lief Library
·       Live Oak Public Libraries, Savannah, Georgia
·       Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum,  Austin, Texas
·       Nancy Carson Library, North Augusta, South Carolina
·       New Orleans Public Library,  African American Resource Center
·       Salt Lake City Public Library
·       San Diego Public Library
·       San Francisco Public Library

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In addition to all of the other excellent suggestions, Rebecca Sharpless
(and I) have provided pretty accessible responses to the movie and the
book here:

Vanessa May
Assistant Professor
History Department
Seton Hall University<>

Unprotected Labor: Household Workers, Politics, and Middle Class Reform in
New York 1870-1940

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