Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Building South Sudan's First Peace Library

Building South Sudan's First Peace Library.


As the result of the historic referendum in January 2011, South Sudan became the world's newest independent nation on July 9, 2011. The University of Juba is South Sudan's flagship institution of higher  education. During the war years in Sudan, when Juba was a garrison town, the University was located in Khartoum. It is now midway through the long process of relocating back to Juba.
Given Sudan's history of conflict, the US Institute of Peace believes that one of the most important units of the University is the Centre for Peace and Development Studies (CPDS). The Centre, which is now in Juba, is devoted to both educating a new cadre of Sudanese in peacemaking and development and to action-oriented research on these issues in order to guide policymakers and civil society.


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