Monday, June 20, 2011

Journal of Peace, Gender and Development Studies -May, 2011

Peace education programme in a school is basically a character building intervention based on a human, civic, moral, and spiritual value system with stress on developing peaceful living competencies in children. A peace education programme can incorporate all such good efforts. The innovation should be evolutionary, i.e. building on the existing efforts rather than to be revolutionary in trying to be different or go against them. In this paper we discuss designing a programme at the management level. Designing a programme begins with identifying the existing needs& needs have to be stated in form of objectives. In deciding the objectives it is necessary to analyze the existing apparent conditions. A school has to continuously work to strengthen and nourish the existing school culture. With this objective in mind the school can select current world issues to raise the global awareness in the students. A peace education programme can put together all the character-building efforts of school into a single project with a view to ensure the effective implementation.
Key words: Peace education, conflict resolution and secondary school


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