Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Freedom of Connection: Freedom of Expression

As a follow up to the 185th session of UNESCO's Executive Board, which called upon the Organization to reflect on the Internet, UNESCO launches its new publication, Freedom of Connection: Freedom of Expression: The Changing Legal and Regulatory Ecology Shaping the Internet. The launching event will take place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France, on 30 May 2011.
Through this book, UNESCO aims to inform Member States about its strategy of promoting freedom of expression on the Internet. The explores the complex situation of freedom of expression on the Internet and provides a new perspective on the social and political dynamics behind the threats to expression. It develops a conceptual framework of ‘ecology of freedom of expression’ for discussing the broad context of policy and practice. Through its pioneering exploration of the various legal and policy mechanisms that are crucial for the free flow of information, the book provides guidance for policy makers and other relevant users on the creation of environments conducive to the freedom of expression.

Download here.

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