Monday, August 30, 2010

Human Rights, Roots of Knowledge in Brooklyn

After spending the summer making their mark on the community, students were recognized Thursday for their colorful mural, which now stands on display on 54th Street in Sunset Park.

"Love it because now every time I pass by here, I can say I did that. It's something of mine," said student John Cepeda.

Cepeda and about a dozen others spent seven weeks working on the public art project made of ceramic tile. It was part of a paid job program for 80 students working with the nonprofit group Groundswell.

A total of five murals were created in different communities across Brooklyn this summer. Each has its own theme and dedication ceremonies will be held for each over the next few weeks. The Sunset Park mural titled "Roots of Knowledge" was made in collaboration with the Brooklyn Public Library.

"We're a place where people can come and spend as much or as little time as they have and really commit to a lifelong process of learning and that's what's communicated in this mural," said Linda Johnson of the Brooklyn Public Library.

Over in Red Hook, finishing touches are being done on a 30 foot by 75 foot mural which explores the legacy of human rights. The work is titled "Some Walls Are Invisible" and was painted by 15 young artists.

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