Friday, July 9, 2010

Programs promoting reading in Spanish prisons

IFLA Journal. June 2010; 36 (2)

Programs promoting reading in Spanish prisons by. Margarita Pérez Pulido,
University of Extremadura

This paper focuses on a series of studies and findings that document the effectiveness of reading and writing as a tool for the rehabilitation of disadvantaged population groups, including incarcerated people. Today, programs that raise awareness of and encourage reading in prison have been implemented in many countries around the world, but the specific nature and content of these programs, as well as the extent to which they are actually functioning, differ among countries according to both the cultural and legal contexts. Hence the importance of the current analysis of the situation in Spain, which draws attention to the most recent and effective techniques and their application for possible future comparative studies. With this objective, the author identifies examples of best practices, analyzes methodologies, and examines the extent of innovation demonstrated by these programs within the unique prison environment, as well as in the context of the Spanish cultural and legal framework.

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