Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Many a slip: Budget work to advance the right to food".

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recently published [PDF link follows]:"Many a slip: Budget work to advance the right to food". Many a slip draws on the experiences of budget work in a number of countries, setting out a step-by-step process for analyzing a government's budget to assess its compliance with its right to food obligations.  While the focus is on right to food-related issues, the process described is readily adaptable to work on other rights.

Many a slip builds on and goes beyond the information contained in Dignity Counts, a publication produced in 2004 by the International Budget Partnership (IBP), Fundar-Centro de Análisis e Investigación, and the International Human Rights Internship Program (IHRIP).  In the five years since Dignity Counts was published, organizations worldwide have actively pursued budget work using a rights framework.  By drawing on the more recent experiences of budget work in a number of countries, Many a slip is able to provide a more in-depth and developed approach to human rights budget analysis.  In addition, the guide contains information about initiatives in three countries to develop a right to food budget. Many a slip is 120 pages in length and is the product of a collaborative effort by the FAO, IHRIP, IBP and other organizations.

Many a slip is available online at http://www.fao.org/righttofood/publi09/budget_guide_en.pdf  

A limited number of hard copies are also available through IHRIP.  Please send your request to ihripescr@iie.org and include a short description about the work of your organization and how the guide will aid your work.

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