Friday, August 1, 2008

Francisco Goldman's _The Art of Political Murder_ wins the first annual WOLA-Duke Book Award for Human Rights in Latin America

The Art of Political Murder by Francisco Goldman, an exhaustively researched story of assassination, impunity and justice in Guatemala, has won the first annual WOLA-Duke Book Award for Human Rights in Latin America.

Goldman's book, published by Grove Press, recounts the 1998 killing of Bishop Juan Gerardi, four days after he and a group of lawyers presented a devastating report on human rights abuses committed by the Guatemalan military against civilians, and the trial of several military officers for the assassination.

The four-judge panel also announced an Honorable Mention for the book Fair Growth: Economic Policies for Latin America's Poor and Middle-Income Majority, by Nancy Birdsall, Augusto de la Torre, and Rachel Menezes, published by the Center for Global Development and Inter-American Dialogue.

The Washington Office on Latin America [WOLA] promotes human rights, democracy and social and economic justice in Latin America and the Caribbean. WOLA facilitates dialogue between governmental and non-governmental actors, monitors the impact of policies and programs of governments and international organizations, and promotes alternatives through reporting, education, training and advocacy. Founded in 1974 by a coalition of civic and religious leaders, WOLA works closely with civil society organizations and government officials throughout the Americas.

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