Saturday, March 29, 2008

_Before Their Time_ Child Labor Documented by David Parker

This article is available in PDF format: Child Labor Around the World
By David L. Parker
(This article is available in PDF format at The American Educator, Spring 2008).

David L. Parker an occupational physician and photographer documents the ongoing, worldwide failure to meet children's basic needs. The result: globally, 320 million children under age 16 work—many, like those shown here, in deplorable conditions.

1. Parker DL with Engfer L and Conrow R. Stolen Dreams: Portraits of Working Children. Lerner Publications, Minneapolis, MN. 1998.
2. Parker DL. By These Hands: Portraits From the Factory Floor. Minnesota Historical Society Press, Minneapolis, MN. 2002.

3. Parker DL. Before Their Time: Child Labor in the Global Community. Quantuck Lane Press, New York, NY. 2007.

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