Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Anniversary of Gay Pride Ban in Hillsborough County, FL

Brandon Pride President addresses Hillsborough County Commissioners.
On June 21st, 2006 Wednesday at 9am I addressed the Hillsborough County Commissioners in letting them know that we have not forgotten the decision they made last year to Ban Gay Pride.

I presented them with a 3 by 5 foot card signed by those who attended the June 15th, 2006 book reading, and Gay Pride display, along with a DVD of the event.

Hopefully they will learn a little bit more about diversity, before making a hasty decision to ban Gay Pride like they did last year in 72 seconds. This event was held June 15th, Thursday at 7pm, exactly one year from the date when Hillsborough County Commissioners said no to any kind of support or recognize Gay Pride. Special thanks to Megan for the great write up.

--The Brandon Pride Times: Volume 1, Issue 2 June 28th, 2006.Educating, and informing folks on Pride events happening in Brandon, and the Tampa Bay area.

--Until next time,
Take Care, and Pridefully yours,
Mark Ferguson
Brandon Pride


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