Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Human Rights as a Tool for Social Change

"Human Rights as a Tool for Social Change."

August 4-13, 2006.University of Connecticut.Storrs, CT 06269.USA.

Conference Overview:

The conference is premised on the presumption that every new generation of human rights leaders builds on the work of those who came before it. In today's increasingly interdependent global world, where actions or events in any part of the global system have impact on people in other regions of the world, there is a need to build a network of solidarity and to nurture a new cadre of human rights leaders who can educate others to meet the complex and multifaceted challenges of the new millennium. We must remember that although the circumstances under which the new generation of leaders operates are different, the issues that confront them are not fundamentally new to humanity and the types of strategies that would help them tackle the various issues need not e completely reinvented.

The Intergenerational Conference seeks to promote the sharing of experiences and understanding of, and provide an impetus for, the empowerment of youth leaders that will enable them to play a crucial and constructive role in the development of human rights in their communities. The conference hopes to provide tools and a platform for open debates about policies, programs, activities and processes necessary for human rights leadership.

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